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PANAKEA HEALTH, a healthcare consultant with doctors and radiologists specialized in its field, will provide the highest level of ethics and patient satisfaction with its state-of-the-art technology and technology radiological devices. to provide service. The goal of PANAKEA HEALTH is to prevent the physical and moral abuse suffered by patients in the health sector. In order to be treated in particular, the health and moral abuse of the patients (HEALTH TOURISM) to prevent the abuse and deceit, to provide the most accurate service at the best price of the patient and to provide the most accurate treatment as a service by combining the philosophy and serves.
From Health tourists set foot in Turkey and added all kinds of services that may be needed until farewell to his house, specialized medical staff and are covered by agency officials. They can consult and receive information 24/7 on the mobile phone supplied to the patient.
(Whatsapp, Viber, Imo hotline: 90 534 221 52 22) You can send all your documents and documents for consultation and offer.
In the health sector in Turkey, the quality of the health care system through a series of reforms made and productivity is increased. Turkey; modern hospitals, trained manpower, specialist doctors in the field, technology infrastructure and experience in the European standards serves. Many private hospitals in Turkey's service quality has been approved by the world-renowned accreditation agencies. JCI (Joint Comissions International / International Joint Commission) with accredited 37 hospitals, 3 laboratories, one transport vehicle and 1 outpatient treatment with a total of 42 health institutions, including central Turkey, in the second sıradadır.türki geographical location in the world, owned health institutions, trained in the industry and educated manpower, thermal springs and natural beauty is a center of attraction in terms of Health Tourism. Both historical and cultural richness, as well as Turkey and the level of development in the health field, is located in one of the world's favorite country. 27b 33 million in 2011. The number of foreign tourists reached 943 while Turkey is the shining star of the health facilities with health tourism offers and price advantages of using advanced technology.
You are Invited to Turkey for health tourism ...
World countries now recognize Turkey as a new partner and rising medical health tourism center. Turkey has been the medical and thermal tourism resources, combining five-star hotel with spa and wellness opportunities, health tourist offers quality and cheap tourism packages.
Don't Go Away for Health
Turkey, Europe with its unique and strategic geographical location, is a crossroads between two continents, Asia and bordering Central Asia. Many countries can be easily and quickly reached by plane. Turkey, combines the hospitality traditions from the past with the concept of medical tourism services. Since the health of tourists set foot in Turkey, all kinds of services that may be needed until farewell to the house, are covered by specialized medical staff and agency officials.
Turkey, the health sector has very well-trained and educated manpower. There is no problem in communicating with doctors and health workers who speak foreign languages. Health tourists can easily respond to any questions in their minds. In addition, both physicians and nurses before and after surgery provide a good morale for health tourists who are being treated.
Demand for thermal tourism is higher in Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries, where rheumatic diseases are particularly prevalent due to climate disadvantages. Our country, which has relative advantages in terms of climate, price, security and transportation, has an outstanding advantage in terms of medical tourism, spa & wellness and spa tourism, advanced age and sports tourism and has the qualities to appeal to every segment. In addition, geographical proximity, not because of the nature and climatic conditions of the country and cultural similarities factors taken into consideration when Turkey is well positioned to be an important health and thermal tourism destination countries in the Middle East countries.
There have been significant increases in the travels from these regions with the recent visa exemptions, convenience provided at the borders and other political and cultural relations with the Middle East countries. Due to the high cost of health care in developed countries, the tendency of health care services to be provided from lower-cost countries is increasing. Sweden, Norway and Denmark after Germany and some private insurance companies cover the cost of the decision will be sent to Turkey for thermal treatment of the patients in the Netherlands in our country constitutes an important market share in terms of thermal tourism.
Health tourism will increase in the future in our country if the care provided by people to their health increases, health services become competitive and cost differences remain the main factor. In particular, it is estimated by experts that the demand for plastic surgery will continue to increase, thus leading to a significant demand for overseas services and replacing it with heart surgeries, which are the basic elements of health tourism. primarily in the neighboring country of about 1 billion in Turkey with high quality and affordable health care services which are ready to serve the population covered by health tourism. Our country will soon be the number one in the world in the field of health tourism.
Health tourism should be accepted under three main headings, although it is necessary to accept any tourism health tourism offering healthy life.
1. Medical Tourism (Treatment and operation in hospitals etc.)
2. Thermal Tourism (services such as rehabilitation and rest in thermal facilities)
3. Elderly and Disabled Tourism (Long-term stays with social activities in the geriatric treatment center or plateaus)
Main reasons for health tourism:
1. High technology health services and lack of professional human resources in the country,
2. The desire to make holidays with treatment,
3. Health care is expensive in their home country,
4. To be asked to receive much better quality health care,
5. Knowing the operation for any reason in its own country, not wanting it (Aesthetic Surgery, Infertility treatment, etc.)
6. Tourism mobility (going to forests, plateaus, countries with historical and cultural riches), where there is limited opportunity for vacation in the country and climate, is mostly demanded for a holiday in a country where thermal facilities and thermal tourism facilities are very much.
7. The desire of chronic patients, the elderly and the disabled to move to other settings and to be treated,
8. The desire to have drugs and people with different dependencies in different or more appropriate environments,
9. A person's attachment to life and the desire for life.