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Orthopedics and Traumatology
Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Department of Orthopedic Surgery and surgical treatment on a scientific level. Patients are informed in full detail by our specialist doctors about treatment plans. Orthopedics and Traumatology is one of the fastest growing, changing and even increasing branches in the light of technology and scientific advances.
Arthroplasty surgery (joint prostheses)
Arthroscopy is a method that enables the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries in the joints by visual inspection of the joints by using fiberoptic devices. Arthroscopy is performed with a small number of skin incisions and causes a very small scar and pain, but there is a rapid improvement compared to open surgery. The operation lasts about 1 hour and the patient is discharged a few hours after the operation. The patient can press on his foot after the surgery and can use the car after 3 days. The sewing is disposed with meltable material and does not need to be removed. From a wide range of professional athletes to housewives; knee-shoulder-hand and ankle arthroscopy, ligament-cartilage-meniscus-tendon operations, cartilage transplantations are successfully applied using modern surgical techniques.
Sport traumatology
Sport is an effort that increases the body's organic resistance, improves the physiological capacity of the system, maintains and maintains this capacity. However, not enough preparation before starting the sport brings injuries. Knee joint is the first with 32.9% among the regions exposed to sports trauma. Most injuries during sport after knee joint; ankle, hip and pubic region, shoulder joint, foot thigh region, spine elbow joint, wrist and hand are observed. The emergency diagnosis and treatment of all sportive injuries are performed in the Department of Sports Traumatology.
Length extension and leg inequalities
Twisted legs, functional disorders due to inequality between the legs, short stature are the orthopedic problems which can be treated by Ilizarov method today. Memorial Health Group Orthopedics and Traumatology Departments successfully applied this method of leg difference in length; shortness compensation, shortening of the long leg and lengthening of the shorter leg can be synchronized. The ilizarav method is also applied successfully in the treatment of soft tissue loss, curvature and shortness of bone fractures resulting from nonunion.
What is Ilizarov Method?
Bones are fixed with thin wires and hoops and rods (rods) with the help of a controlled movement of the bone parts can provide a system. Surgical interventions can be applied to children or adult patients with congenital diseases, bone loss, and traumas (such as early closure of growth cartilage) that develop in patients with arm and leg inequality. In this process, a low-energy fracture is created in the bone and gradually prolonged (1 mm / day). An extension of 80% of the original length of the bone in the extension area can be achieved. Parallel to the implant technology developed in appropriate cases, the use of new techniques and technology alternative to ilizarov technique is also performed.
In the twentieth century, Ilizarov, one of the revolutions of orthopedic science, defined the op distraction osteogenesis ma, the technique of creating new bone by stretching the helper tissue between the fracture bone ends and the extension of this concept, the reconstruction of bone cavities and the non-union treatment. With the instrument called Ilizarov external fixator, stretching the helper tissue to the applied repair is made with the new bone formation practices and the accretion field is made from acute non-union and extension from the other region in the same bone. With Ilizarov method, the daily activities of the patient are limited, the joint function is maintained and the union is performed and the curvature is corrected and the length is restored. Thanks to this technique, other structural and functional disorders that can cause disability in the patient, such as closure of bone cavities and infection, are eliminated, and shortness is also compensated.
Child orthopedics and traumatology
Children's Memorial Health Group Orthopedics and Traumatology Department, is one of the rare centers in Turkey. Children under 16 years of age; Follow-up and treatment of walking disorders, foot problems, congenital deformities, shortnesses, developmental hip dysplasia and spine disorders are performed by our experienced orthopedists.
Hand surgery and microsurgery
Microsurgical technique allows the use of microsurgical needles and yarns, which can be seen with the naked eye, and the vessels and nerves smaller than 1 mm in diameter can be operated. Thus; the broken hands, arms, feet, legs, such as organs can be inserted instead of repairing very thin nerve fibers and re-movement of the limb can be made to feel. Acute soft tissue trauma (veins, tendons and nerve cuts, skin and muscle loss due to crush and compression) diagnosis and treatment.
Knee surgery and arthroscopic surgery
The knees are exposed to a higher load than the other joints. Before starting sports, forcing and overstretching the knees during sport may cause damage to the cartilage tissue, tear in the menu, tear in the ligaments, and impair the health of the knee. Injuries of structures such as meniscus, anterior cruciate ligament, articular cartilage, capsule, intraarticular inflammation, synovitis, thickening of the joint membrane, moderate knee joint calcification, intraarticular fractures are treated with arthroscopic surgery.
Shoulder and elbow surgery
Orthopedic oncology
Foot and ankle surgery
Treatment of Bone Inflammations (Osteomyelitis)